Monday, May 23, 2016

Avoid Remington Registry

Do an Internet search for “Remington Registry” and you’ll have no difficulty finding out what kind of scam artists they are. To start, try this Facebook page.   They purport to be an impressive source of biographies.

All "Registered in the Library of Congress” means is that they sent a copy to the Library of Congress.  I have no idea what they mean by “recognized in the New York Times,” but you can be sure the NYT does not use it for reference purposes.

They also lie in their material.  Their brochure states: “As per our phone conversation....”

They never talked with me.

Given that they have a gmail address, I assume this is a small group, perhaps even one person, who has found a profitable way of preying on the gullible.  The mailing address is a house at 22 Dellaria Avenue, Southhampton, NY 11968.  Since that’s an expensive neighborhood, I assume there are lots of gullible people who fall prey to this scam.

The only happy part is that they sent me a stamped return envelope, which will save me postage writing to someone else.


Anonymous said...

He's still at it. Scammed my elderly father last year.

Anonymous said...