Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Pacific Magazine Billing Scam

 They’re at it again.....

Five years or so back there was an outfit known as the White City Scammers. They were notorious for sending magazine subscription solicitations that looked like bills. They ran into a variety of legal difficulties.  Their prices were always the "rack rate" for subscriptions, much higher than elsewhere.

Well, they or someone like them is back under the name “Pacific Magazine Billing.” If they are like the White City scammers, they will use a variety of names on their mailers.

They seem to particularly target the elderly, who may be more willing to pay what seems to be a bill without looking at it very carefully. Pacific Magazine Billing also has a poor evaluation from the Better Business Bureau. Reading the BBB file is entertaining.  There are lots of complaints, and Pacific Magazine Billing seems to respond to most by providing specious verbiage.

The AARP has a recent article on this type of scam. And the National Geographic has a long list of similar scammers.

Should you get anything that looks like this in the mail, beware!