Saturday, August 31, 2013

Avoid Publishers Billing Center

Over a year back I wrote about the Associated Publishers Network.  As you can see from the entry below, lots of unhappy people found the post.

Now they are doing business as “Publishers Billing Center” with a mailing address in White City, Oregon.  The forms look the same — just the name has changed.

Again, their prices are high, sometimes outrageously high, and they hope that careless recipients will think it’s a bill and send a check.

Avoid them.  They also don’t know grammar, since the grammatical form would be “Publishers’ Billing Center.”

They do business under a variety of other names, changing as each becomes too notorious.  Here is a typical one, designed to look like a bill (although if you read carefully, they note it isn’t.

The Nation, one of many magazines afflicted by this scammer, provides a list of other names they use:

  • Billing Services Association
  • Billing Services of America
  • Circulation Billing Center
  • Circulation Billing Services
  • Magazine Billing Services
  • Magazine Billing Network
  • Magazine Billing Services
  • Magazine Distribution Services
  • National Magazine Services
  • National Magazine Subscriptions
  • Orbital Publishing Group
  • Periodical Billing Services
  • Publishers Billing Association
  • Publishers Billing Center
  • Publishers Billing Exchange
  • Publishers Payment Processing, Inc.
  • Publishers Subscription Services
  • Readers Billing Network
  • Readers Billing Services
  • Readers Payment Center
  • Readers Payment Services
  • United Publishers Services
If you get an mailing from a different name, let me know.  I’m keeping track of these scoundrels.