Monday, May 25, 2015

Avoid Any Mail from White City, Oregon

The folk doing business under a multitude of names from White City, Oregon, are even worse than I thought.  Recently someone posted this comment on an earlier post, which deserves more prominence:
American Preferred Readers are a scam. My 75 year old mother is being harassed daily by this company. She is being told that she has a contract and they can substantiate that by a taped recording of her and if she doesn't pay she will sent to a collection agency. This has been very stressful for her. Unfortunately, She has paid them almost $400.00 thinking they would finally leave her alone before our family found out about this situation. Despicable!
They operate under dozens of names.  Here is only a partial list, courtesy of The Nation:
  1. Billing Services Association
  2. Billing Services of America
  3. Circulation Billing Center
  4. Circulation Billing Services
  5. Magazine Billing Services
  6. Magazine Billing Network
  7. Magazine Billing Services
  8. Magazine Distribution Services
  9. National Magazine Services
  10. National Magazine Subscriptions
  11. Orbital Publishing Group
  12. Periodical Billing Services
  13. Publishers Billing Association
  14. Publishers Billing Center
  15. Publishers Billing Exchange
  16. Publishers Payment Processing, Inc.
  17. Publishers Subscription Services
  18. Readers Billing Network
  19. Readers Billing Services
  20. Readers Payment Center
  21. Readers Payment Services
  22. United Publishers Services
Avoid anything having to do with magazine subscription offers that come from White City, Oregon.

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