Saturday, April 4, 2009

Satellite Dish Logos

I have DishNetwork satellite service, which requires two dishes (one to get local high definition). Now, satellite dishes are not the most attractive things to begin with, but both major satellite systems add their logos to the dish surface, which forces me to advertise them to passers by. Even worse, my two dishes face in different directions, so people coming down the street either way get a good view of one of them.

DirecTV is no better:

And there is no inexpensive way to deal with the annoyance. The dishes are coated to repel snow, so spray-painting the logo could cause problems. There are companies that sell dish covers — at about $30 each — but nearly all of them have a logo of some sort as well. Some are remarkably ugly. One company even sells a light fixture to illuminate its cover so your neighbors can view your favorite university logo at night.

I could go back to Comcast, but given miserable experiences with their customer service, that isn't an attractive option. I'm waiting for ATT to extend their U-Verse capacity to my neighborhood so that I can dump both dishes.

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Anonymous said...

Go ahead and paint your dish with a matte finish paint. Don't paint the LNBF on the side that faces the dish.

The snow doesn't generally stick, but if it does, spray a silcone spray on the surface a few times each winter.

Don't use gloss - too much heat will get reflected into the LNBF.